HYSTA SVC is seeking an Investment Analyst Intern to assist in performing market research and due diligence.

To apply this position, please send your resume to career@hystasvc.com

Job Description

The major job duties include:

• Conducting due diligence on startups and projects by researching, reading pitch deck and market data

• Performing competitive analysis of a startup and comparing it with other players in the market

• Keeping up to date with market development and new technologies

• Helping prepare investment memoranda and making recommendations to investors

• Business Development and outreach to startups


• Bachelor’s degree holder at least; Engineering or healthcare related background will be a huge plus; Financial background is not required

• Intellectual curiosity, tech-savvy and commitment to a superior work product

• Outstanding analytical and problem-solving skills; Critical thinking is highly desired

• Experience of entrepreneurship or VC is preferred but not necessary

• Excellent teamwork and leadership

• Proficiency in English; Proficiency in Chinese is preferred but not necessary